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Dear Exhibitor

This summer season is turning into a regular nightmare, not since the Foot and Mouth in 2001 have we had so many cancellations. These, added to the countrywide recessionary difficulties is proving most “trying” to say the least. Bad and sad news has been pouring into the office daily, each cancellation involves new negotiations over refunds creating a double or triple work load. We are addressing everybody as best we can to ease the problems facing us all.

In this office we have realised that we will have to put the first half of the year down to experience. We are working on the Christmas advertising and will regard the next six months as a new season with prospects. We still have The Welsh, Southport, Chatsworth and Burghley Horse Trails and, if the year follows the pattern from Foot & Mouth year, we may well find the public spend that bit extra as they have been denied other events.

We are determined to help everyone work through this difficult time, we, like you, have not experienced this situation before but we feel sure if we work together

we can make events later in the year produce those extra sales to recoup lost summer sales.  

We are promoting the new Hilliers Autumn Show in Romsey, we have control of this event, the success is down to us,  all of us, to spread the word that this is a new interesting event with all the features of an enjoyable day. We recently sent all exhibitors a batch of leaflets please do send them with your orders or distribute wherever you can. The cost of a basic stand if you own a sturdy pop-up is about £150.00 for the four days.

We have made the decision to start the promotion of our Christmas events early, we are putting a big effort into these shows, they will succeed if we all work at promoting them.

We assure you we will request our refunds to be sent to us quickly and we will keep you informed as we receive information from each event.

We have heard from the Kent show this morning and they are trading with dry weather, we hope any events you attend are successful and dry.

Kind regards


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