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March 2012

Dear Member

I am writing this on the 12th March with the temperature at 19 degrees in the garden, daffodils are rampant, the first early potatoes are already planted and onions, celery, and tomatoes started growing in the greenhouse – spring is here.

Apart from seeing to your bookings and queries we spend this part of the year on maintenance of equipment, vans etc. and James is making about 60 new grey panels for the coming season.

Bookings are well ahead of last year and when you consider that most had a good year in 2011 then it bodes well for this season. Space available is indicated on the Communiqué booking form and you should book on this, phone or email if less than 20 metres available.

Before making notes on particular events I would make the following observations based on my own 40 years in the craft world. The object of working in our environment, besides being an agreeable place, is to build up both your business and personal assets, profit is necessary however small, but it is also important and advantageous in the long term to be investing in your home, equipment, accounts (these are needed when you come to sell your company and plan for at least 5 years of clear accounts before selling) your family and your health – holidays are not just time off they are for allowing your brain to develop new ideas and products – essential in this fast moving world of ours.

Trevor J Sears

Notes of Shows

Badminton Horse Trials
About 8 stands left for special and unusual work – if you require a caravan site and have not booked one, please let us now as we will be allocating plots soon – these are limited.

Blindley Heath Country Show
The farmer who owns the farm has already sold all the stands from last year, we have 15 or so stands left – good season-starting show and excellent for newcomers to our world to cut their teeth before the summer season gets underway.

Suffolk Show
In order to celebrate the Jubilee, Suffolk has moved into the next week along with three other events. We have some 30 stands available; double up if this is one of your regular events.

Bramham International Horse Trials
We have moved our pavilion to form an end to the main avenue – a much-improved position.

Royal Highland Show
We have adjusted our layout to enhance the visitors flow, this is one of the big five events in most peoples programme.

East of England Show
The return of the dog show, a new layout and a new site in the centre of the showground gives us high hopes for this show – its on the way to Yorkshire the following day so it fits in well this year.

Farnborough Air Show
The plans for the craft fair at this well-known bi-annual event are well advanced. We have an excellent site adjacent to all the activities. A new audience a new venue, a new adventure with modest cost this has to be worth attending.

Hillier’s Autumn Festival
We have added a competitive vegetable/flower show to this event to attract gardeners from Hampshire, Sussex, Wiltshire and Surrey. 46 Classes with £700.00 in prize money so get moving in your own garden. A sculpture exhibition, specialist food hall, craft pavilions and ferret racing are all combining to create a very exciting event.

New name & Image
The new Christmas event we are organising at Loseley Park will be known as Loseley House Christmas Fair.

We have joined up with “Shooting Star Chase” which is so well known in Surrey and beyond that we are assured of the perfect audience for our work. We will extend the Friday to close at 6.00pm to accommodate a book signing and special reception.

This is a small pavilion so we are being most particular about the content.

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