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Dear Exhibitor,

The feel-good factor generated by the Olympic Games and the excitement of the Paralympics to come is producing an unexpected lift in the nations spirits which after such a trying summer is the tonic we all needed.

So with these new, positive vibes we look forward to the next few weeks with renewed optimism. The anticipated parade of the British Equestrian teams at Burghley will add celebration to an already buoyant atmosphere.

Looking ahead, we are full at Southport Flower Show, we have a 4m shedding space available at Burghley and a two and three metre site available within the pavilions.

Chatsworth Country Fair is rapidly filling-up with three varying size spaces available at present.

Looking ahead to October, the Hillier Gardens Autumn Festival is attracting an excellent range of stands and visitor enquiries, at present some categories of work are full. Press releases are going out every week with leaflet distribution in full swing, if you are planning a mailing or attending an event nearby please let us know and we will supply leaflets.

The Christmas events have seen a marked increase in bookings in the last few weeks, if you are thinking about these events please talk to us soon to avoid disappointment.

We wish you successful shows.
The RCA Team

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