January 2013 New Year Letter

Dear Member

I was reminded at Christmas of the passing of time. An email arrived from Perth, Australia from Alistair Mitchell, a very good wood turner who joined the Association in 1977. He is still 6’3” tall and about 12” wide, this charming character spent ten years with us, he then met a girl from New Zealand and they went to the far side of the world and started a family. Alistair has been a chef, a wood working machine rep, and now an importer selling to Australian gift outlets. He reminded me of a tour of Yorkshire shows that we attended during his time with us, it rained solidly for two weeks, we had exhibitors with young children trying to dry clothes in damp air ! However the friendships formed from that joint effort against the odds have lasted and matured !

Meanwhile we have a New Year in the UK, new challenges, new products, new friends to make. After a decent run of Christmas shows, a break on a sunny beach or just a restful time in front of a good fire we are ready to hit the New Year with some vigour!

The Spring Fair takes place at the NEC in early February – take a look for a day to see the designs/colours/ new ideas that will be important to our industry in 2013.
(Use the Spring Fair website for free entry or £30.00 on the door)

1 Chatsworth Country Fair in September. Exciting news, this event has a new organisation behind it, they have organised The Lord Mayor’s Show in London for the last twenty years and are determined to implement changes that are sure to enhance the appearance and popularity of this event.

2. Great Yorkshire. We are in discussions to change Robert’s Pavilion at this event. The area around us has changed in recent years, however, having listened to exhibitors comments, this is still an excellent area on the showground, so we are hoping to change the angle and front onto the main avenue to take full advantage of the visitor flow.

3. Royal Welsh. We are hoping to stage a proper “food walk” adjacent to our craft pavilion, this is still under discussion and we will let you know as soon as we have further information.

This year we are returning to our original ethos, in that we will encourage, give priority to and enhance the package we give to British Makers. There is still excellent manufacturing in Britain amongst small industries and craft businesses and the visitors to our events are often keen to support British-made work however the costs involved at major events when profit margins are low precludes some makers from reaching this affluent market. This year we are offering a free metre frontage for all size sites for ‘real’ demonstrations, so 2mt become 3mt and 3mt become 4mt. this space must be used to demonstrate your work. This will enhance your stand and increase your sales and will provide the RCA Pavilion with active features which will be advertised to increase the popularity of our pavilions for everyone. We tested this new arrangement in a small way last year and will extend it this year to create new features within our pavilions. Please mark on your booking form if you can take advantage of this arrangement- put next to your booking + demo. There is limited space available at each event and we do need to know with your original booking form so that this element can be costed- in to each event.

Public and Product Insurance- please send a copy of your certificate with your booking form.

Please return your Booking Form by 1st February if you wish to be included in the first allocation of space, this is particularly important if you sell the following – jewellery, skincare, handbags and ladieswear, we do not like to over-duplicate at events and these categories do fill up quickly.

We wish you a happy and successful year, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries and we will do our best to help.

We look forward to seeing you during the year,

The RCA Team.

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