February 2013 Newsletter

Dear Member

This is the time of year we all spend planning, whether it be a new stand, new lights, new shows or simply the way we run our businesses. The start of a new year gives us the impetus to think afresh – How can we do better ?

Having spent time recovering and tidying-up after Christmas, February and March are “new ideas” “new product” months. One has the time and inclination to think through and research materials to adapt current lines.

Our visit to the Spring Fair at the N.E.C. last week was interesting in that, with close to 3,000 stands on site, the impression was of “steady as we go” rather than new innovations. One presumes that retail outlets are playing safe and buying known best- sellers. A consequence of this sentiment could be that those of you bringing new designs to the current season will do well.

We have received a large number of Booking Forms and have completed the first batch of allocations, if you haven’t sent in your form yet please do so soon to save disappointment.

We are all aware of Health and Safety and the effect it has on the way we work. (Reference to tragic death of a chap unloading a lorry at GLive Guildford). We have to make you aware of the arrangements we have made as an Association to keep everybody safe. Rather than burden you with the whole pack we have made it available for you with each show manager at each show.

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