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Exhibitors Information

Each show is staged in a clearspan pavilion. Space is measured by the metre frontage, minimum frontage is 2 metres and you can book in multiples of 0.5 metres i.e. 2.5, 3, 3.5. The depth of the stand is about 2.3 metres but at some shows this is reduced to 2.1 metres to accommodate the crowds. The height of the pavilion wall is 2.44 metres at the rear. Middle sites, corner sites and entrance sites are available. Please state your preference on the booking form and we will endeavour, but not guarantee, to accommodate you; see A,B,C,D,E diagram.


Must be received in writing at the Association’s Wormley address or via email. The full stand fee will be charged and must be paid unless the space is relet; the onus is on the exhibitor to check if the space has been relet.



The Association does not supply any tables or stand fittings – you must bring your stand with you. This should be designed to fit your space and display your work to its best advantage, using various heights. Please provide suitable freestanding walls and backing to your stand. When you book your stand do remember to include some space for getting in and out without encroaching on your neighbours’ space. Please stand within your own stand space, not in the aisle or on the front edge of your neighbours’ stand. A waterproof groundsheet is useful, as is an overnight cover for your stand. All stands must have a name board readable at three metres.

The Association can supply a grey shell scheme and tables at some events, these can be hired and charged according to the size of your stand.

Shell Scheme & Table Hire

The Association can supply a grey shell scheme and tables at some events, these can be hired and charged according to the size of your stand.

The shell scheme is velcro friendly and is erected so you can hang from the top of the boards. DO NOT USE GLKUE, SCREWS OR NAILS

Shell Scheme Prices:

(The panels come in .5 and 1m sections, they are 2.5cm thick and 2.3m high)

2m                   =          £97.50 + VAT per show
2.5m                =          £105.00 + VAT per show
3m                   =          £112.50 + VAT per show
3.5m                =          £120.00 + VAT per show
4m                   =          £127.50 + VAT per show
4.5m                =          £135.00 + VAT per show
5m                   =          £142.50 + VAT per show

Please call for the cost of other sizes

Table Prices:

(The tables are .77cm wide and 1.78m long)

1 table             =          £18.00 + VAT per show
2 tables            =          £32.00 + VAT per show
3 tables            =          £46.00 + VAT per show

Various types of stand available

Please remember you must provide all your own stand fittings, side and back walls.

Stand A

Normal stand with 2 side walls and back. 1 side trading, suitable for most crafts, good for jewellery and others who need a “Private” atmosphere.

Stand B

Corner stand. 2 sides trading. Back and one side closed, suitable for most crafts, semi-private but with extra frontage.

Stand C

2 sided stand with 2 end walls. 2 sides trading. Needs some thought to display, security and staff space. So adaptability is the key. Good value to have double selling space, particularly when visitors pass only once. Often sited on the open front of the pavilion.

Stand D

End stand with 1 side closed. 3 sides trading. A super exposure if you can manage it. Needs thought to display, security etc. and you must stay alert all day. 3 sides trading for the price of one. Often sited on the open front of the pavilion.

Stand E

Internal corner. We do not have many of these stands these days, however when they occur they are most suitable for those who need extra wall space or floor space. We will allocate an E to interested members when it is available.

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is made up of a group of senior experienced members of the Association. In the case of a dispute or disagreement we call upon these members to advise on how to proceed. This committee also advises on standards of work submitted for space. Their decision is final.


We deplore the copying of other members’ work and will act on a complaint; the offending members may be asked to leave the Association without refund of any monies paid.


The times of the shows are normally 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Manager/Steward’s announcement marks the end of the day. Packing up before this announcement is seen as unprofessional and will not be allowed. Closing times are directly related to the customers’ needs. Please do not bring your vehicle to the sides of the pavilion until after the close of the show has been announced. It could affect the look of our pavilion and may stop sales in the last hour of trading.


The cost of electricity will be included in your stand costs and electricity will be available at all shows with the exception of those marked “no power” at which you may be able to use a generator. Please see the information on each show. We have imposed a limit on the amount of power you may use as follows: –

Jewellery and stands of 3.5 metres and over – 600 watts – 4 x 150 watt lights.

All crafts and stands under 3 metres – 450 watts – 3 x 150 lights.

Low voltage lights are encouraged and provide an excellent light for your products.

Whatever lighting system you have, you should not exceed your limit and in this way we can maintain supplies. Should you have special requirements e.g. demonstration machines, fridges etc. let us know and we will make special arrangements for you.

Electricity is available to you during the show opening hours, within the pavilion only.

Electrical equipment – you must provide your own lighting equipment, which must be to the following specifications:-

Extension Lead – 15mm cable, minimum 6 metres long with unbreakable plug with a 5 amp fuse.

Fourway – connect your extension lead to a 4-way fused box. 2-way blocks are not allowed.

Lights – purchase good quality spot lights and if metal, earth them using .75m 3-core cable. Fit correct bulbs for lights – do not go over 100 watts.

Halogen lights – maximum bulb size 150 watts and equipment must have a toughened glass cover.

No equipment can be used that does not comply with these specifications – there will be no exceptions.

All equipment must be PAT tested (the RCA electrician can help with this if required).

Note: – Power only available within the pavilion during show hours. Owners of refrigerated vehicles which need 24 hour power must make arrangements with us prior to the event. Power for caravans overnight only is at the discretion of the show manager at each event and should be booked directly with our electrician.

Payment for Show Space

Payment for booked space should be made by the ‘due date’ on the invoice. Since this is only 4 – 5 weeks before the show this is a distinct advantage to your cash flow – remember, other exhibitors on the showgrounds have paid their stand fee four months in advance. 




SORT CODE: 60:10:14




Entrance Tickets

These will be sent about 10 days in advance only after receipt of payment for space. The show authorities strictly control the allocation of tickets. We request 2 people and 1 car pass per stand; we then distribute these as we think you will require them. Caravan passes, when appropriate, will also be sent. Vehicles are not allowed on the showground during the show and must be parked as directed.

Caravans and Motor Homes

We have made arrangements with the show organisers for the parking of caravans – sometimes on the showground and sometimes just off the showground. In some cases we have to pay, in others we park free of charge. If you are bringing a caravan you must book a space or you may well be towed off for illegal parking. Lack of co-operation by a few members gives us all a bad name. It is possible to accommodate small tents without difficulty but check with our managers before pitching them. Power is available at some shows and charged directly by our electrician, approximatley £35.00 per night.

Arrival and Setting Up

At the major 2, 3 or 4-day shows it is essential to ‘set-up’ on the afternoon/evening before the show. Please arrange to set-up anytime from 12 noon to 8.00pm. when the manager will secure the pavilion or building.

At some shows a £10 – £50 charge is made for your vehicle to enable you to take it onto the showground. This is refundable when you take your vehicle off the showground.


Each show authority provides adequate security. This is augmented by our own system. On no account must you enter the pavilion after the Managers have made it secure. The Manager will open the pavilion to exhibitors 45 minutes prior to opening to the public. The security of your own stand in this 45 minutes is your own responsibility.


We ask senior members to take charge of our pavilion. This is a voluntary job and your co-operation is appreciated. Some help with locking up at night and clearing up any rubbish in front of your stands, will be most helpful.

Rubbish Collection

At the end of the show, please clear up all your waste paper and rubbish into one bag and put it in a skip or bin – the Managers will provide a black bag for your use.

Professional Behaviour

This is a self-help organisation. Our members’ ages range from 17 to 80, so a great deal of tolerance is required. This is your living and your attitude on your stand is just as important as your work. Sales are made by meeting the customer halfway across the counter, not hidden behind it reading, or even eating a bacon sandwich.

We keep our overheads to a minimum by not sending you too many pieces of literature about each show – please ask the Manager if you have any problems.

Do not go to the Show Secretary’s Office – they will refer you back to the Manager.

Managers are usually allocated a caravan space close to the pavilion to enable them to carry out their duties – this is for manager’s only.

Membership of the Association

After seeing your work – either samples, website or photos (to be sent with your booking form) – we shall consider your booking. This process usually takes a week; however, in January and February, when the bulk of bookings are received, the process takes considerably longer.

Book your shows on the form – keep a copy for your records and send to us ASAP or email (think what you are doing before you mark this form. ANY MARK MEANS A BOOKING!). We will send a Confirmation Form showing your allocation status.

Remember that you are liable for full stand fees unless your space is relet, should you cancel or not attend.

Please take advice as to the best shows for your work, bearing in mind your family commitments, etc. and your type of stand.


The Rural Crafts website is well used and we constantly up-date. As a Rural Crafts member we would welcome reciprocal links, to include images if you wish.

Please email images to us or we can take them from your website, providing the image quality is of a good standard – do let us have your information with your Booking Form.

Note. If you are employing someone to look after your stand, you should make sure they are fully acquainted with our methods of working.


You must obtain Public Liability Insurance to cover yourself, stand, work and us against an accident.

This is the name and contact of the company we recommend (the RCA have no financial ties and receives no financial gain from this company):

NMTF (National Market Traders Federation)
Hampton House
Hawshaw Lane
South Yorkshire S74 0HA

Tel. 01226 749021

Specialist Foods

The Rural Crafts Association has, for the past 20 years, included specialist food producers in its pavilions.

The value-added food element has proved very popular and has been most successful for both food makers and visitors. Indeed, these “Food Piazzas” have proved an invaluable source of income to both new and established companies.

Should you wish to be included and take advantage of the stability that a regular programme of public sales provides, we should be happy to accommodate you. We do ask that you practice the standard hygiene requirements as laid down by the relevant authorities. This includes providing your own washing facilities, Health and Hygiene officials inspect stands individually.

Please note: you must have approval from the RCA before “cooking” or “catering” in any form.

In addition to the Food Piazzas and where space allows, we provide a refreshment area with chairs, tables, umbrellas and entertainers to provide an interesting, restful area where our visitors can enjoy the atmosphere.

To book space which can start at 2 metres frontage then multiples of 0.5 metre up to 6 metres: please complete the booking form and send to our office, or during the season you may telephone/email your booking if you are already a member of the Association. Please see details on each event in the Summer Season section.

If you are using gas you must inform us so we can allocate a space by an external wall, the length of pipe must be long enough to have your gas bottle outside. No naked flames allowed at Yorkshire.

Badminton Horse Trials Food Piazza 8 – 12 May Badminton, Gloucestershire, GL9 1DF
Chatsworth International Horse Trials Take-home Food Only 17 – 19 May Chatsworth House, Baslow, Derbyshire, DE45 1PN
Great Yorkshire Show Food Pavilion 9 – 12 July Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG2 8PW
The Game Fair Take-home Food Only 26 – 28 July Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PP
Magic Millions Festival of British Eventing Take-home Food Only 2 – 4 August Gatcombe Park, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL6 9AT
Chatsworth Country Fair Take-home Food Only 30 August – 1 September Chatsworth House, Baslow, Derbyshire, DE45 1PN
Loseley House Christmas Fair Take-home Food Only  14 – 17 November Loseley Park, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1HS