We surround the beautiful Tithe Barn adjacent to Loseley House with special floored and carpeted pavilions. Decorated with tasteful Christmas trees and garlands to give a stylish atmosphere to start your Christmas shopping experience.                                                                                     

Venue: Loseley Park,
  Stakescorner Road,
  GU3 1HS.
2024 Cost: £474.96 per metre frontage +vat
  £190.00 Deposit Required
  Depth of space 2.3 metres
Electricity: General lighting
Cover: Aluminium framed pavilions & Tithe Barn
Flooring: Level wooden floor with carpet
Caravans parked nearby – NO POWER
General Exhibitor Information: Please click box for essential information regarding daily working practice.
Booking Form, Show Information, Rules & Regulations: To download the Booking Form and Rules and Regulations please click the box. Please print off, fill in and return to us by post or scan. Please make sure you tick the box on the booking form regarding GDPR and Rules and Regulations, please also sign the form.

The visitors to this event have exceptional spending power, many exhibitors recorded their highest day of their year whilst at Loseley. The event is set next to Loseley House, surrounding the Tithe Barn giving a stylish, intimate atmosphere which creates an enjoyable, social environment. We have formed strong links with local organisations and groups who bring a loyal audience base.

The stylish setting and atmosphere of the event and our visitor numbers ensure a successful event in all price ranges.

Space is limited as we work around trees and the barn so please book early if you are interested in attending this event.

Loading and unloading is tricky as we are on a sensitive site, please bring a trolly, all worked well in 2023.

We do not ask for full payment until eight weeks prior to the event we ask for a £190.00 payment on account, with your booking form. Payment will be returned if space is not allocated.

Dogs are allowed in the car parks only – not on the park land or in the Tithe Barn.